Citrix Feature Requested : Calling Local Application From a Published Application (Single Hop scenario)
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#Before Reading:

This is my first article in English. This is a request that i made at the « Citrix Support Team ». At this time, there is no solution to do that with a Published Application. The goal is ONLY to show you the « use case ». Let a comment if you’re interested by this requested Feature.

#Why to do that / Use case ?

You have an « oldschool application » that required to use « Citrix Virtual Application ». This application is a « published application » hosted by a VDA and is reachable on a local Desktop computer by using the « Citrix Workspace App » (this is called : Single Hop Scenario)

Local Desktop Computer -> Published Application

The main issue :

This « oldschool application » generate many file like PDF or Excel on network share. Files are generated from the VDA and users can launch files inside the « vda explorer.exe ». With this method, you need to install, on the same VDA, every applications required to open the file.

You need to have enough ressource on the VDA to virtualise every applications like « Excel » or « Adobe Reader », and this is totaly useless when you already have this applications on local powerfull computer .

The Goal :

« Using Local Application when you double click on a file from « vda explorer.exe »

I’ve been in contact with several people from Citrix, tryed different things (FTA server, Keywords, vPrefer, LAA etc…)

The « Strange » thing is that the LAA (for Local App Acess) already do this job, but only in published Desktop.

For exemple (on my lab) :

Local App Access open an Excel File located in the Published Desktop with a Local Excel.

Here, in the screenshot. User double click on an Excel file (1) , Local App Access open the Excel Application installed on the local (2) computer (the endpoint). You can see the Excel Process, is executed on the computer (3), not on the VDA.

Citrix Anwser :

Local App Access is not working on « Published Application ». It’s working , only on Published Desktop.

If you want to participate on the enhancement of « Local App Access » (or maybe a new feature).
Here the case and enhancement request.

Company Name:***********
Product:Virtual Apps
Opened Date:1/4/2021
Case Archival Date:1/12/2021
1. What was the problem or question?
Through published application, want to open reports in Excel installed in local client.


– Customer launches a published application.
– This published application has lots of reports in it with different extensions like – .xlsx, .ppt.txt, etc.
– When customer clicks on any report, that report would use an app installed on the VDA server itself – like to launch .xlsx file, MS Excel which is installed on the VDA will be used and so on.
– Customer wants that, if he clicks on a report within the published application, that report opens up in the MS Excel installed on the local client of the user and not the VDA.

Contact for the case:- ******************
2. What steps were taken to resolve the problem or answer the question?
Raised an enhancement for this feature
3. What caused the problem or question?
expected behavior, local app access is for published desktop and not application

Feel Free to open a case to request this feature.

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